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Internal Recruitment

Internal Recruitment

Internal Recruitment

It's not hard to see why the demand for internal recruitment consultants has recently risen so rapidly. Specialist client-side recruiters have an intimate knowledge of a business from within and work closely with peers across various organisational disciplines. Having these advantages equates to providing high-end recruitment services, making life easier for the company overall.

As an internal recruiter, you are a highly valued asset, and the rewards aren't bad either! Impressive basic salaries, bonuses, career progression potential, and a little more stability can be very appealing. So whether known as a talent partner, client-side recruiter, internal recruitment consultant or in-house recruiter, the rewards are still the same.

The most common route into internal recruitment is moving from agency to client-side, often driven by your market experience. Alternatively, you might come from working within HR or as an HR business partner, but whatever your skill set and background, it's always worth a conversation with us about your career options.

​With over nine years of recruitment experience, Navado Talent started by finding recruitment consultants jobs in Bristol. However, increasing requests across recruitment and business markets dictated the need for the opening of the London Rec2Rec branch shortly followed by opening our recruitment services up even further to Manchester. 

We now have so much demand for internal talent partners across our divisions in London, Bristol and Manchester that we are always keen to hear from you. 

We have several articles with tips and advice on our blog page to find out more about becoming an internal recruitment consultant or why you should be considering a job in recruitment generally! 

Many of our clients also offer flexible or fully remote roles, so get in touch or look at our recruitment jobs.

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