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180 Recruitment

180 Recruitment

The demand for 180 recruitment consultants is incredibly high at the moment. Splitting the traditional 360 recruitment process into two sections, business development and recruitment delivery, provides a robust business model, so companies are moving quickly to adapt. While all company's recruitment models will vary, as will the specifics of the job roles, overall, the 180 recruitment field focuses on the candidate side of the recruitment process. 

As a specialist Rec2Rec, we recognise that some exceptionally talented recruiters don't enjoy the full 360 recruitment process and are better at a specific element. If Business Development isn't your thing, and you prefer resourcing and delivering on accounts or roles, we can help. 

Likewise, if you're a client looking to hire a strong 180 recruitment consultant, we have amazingly talented recruiters on our books hoping to make an impact delivering on accounts! 

As mentioned above, all roles differ slightly, so let us know what your strengths are and what elements of recruitment you enjoy most. Some companies might label the 180 recruitment role as 'recruitment resourcer', 'delivery recruiter' or '180 recruitment consultant', especially in different regions. As we recruit nationwide, focusing on Manchester, Bristol and London, we have found the job titles can vary from region to region! For example, Bristol-based clients often call roles 'delivery recruitment consultant' whereas London clients prefer '180 recruitment consultants'!   

Whether you become a 180 recruiter in London, Manchester or Bristol you'll be working with some of the best companies in their field. Allowing you to build your career and make great money within the 180 recruitment market.

So if you're in recruitment and looking to make a move into your first or next 180 or delivery consultant job, we are the Rec2Rec for you. Take a look at our live 180 recruitment jobs below:

Remember it's worth checking out any jobs named '180 recruitment consultant,' 'delivery recruitment consultant', or 'recruitment resourcer' to find which suits you best in the 180 recruitment world! 

You can learn more about what a career in recruitment could look like for you from our articles on our blog page like 'The difference between 180 and 360 recruitment explained' or 'Trainee Recruitment Consultant Salary Insights for London, Manchester and Bristol.'

If you're after something other than 180 recruitment, take a look at all of our other recruitment jobs.

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