Trainee Recruitment Consultant Salary Insights for London, Manchester and Bristol.


Trainee Recruitment Consultant Salary Insights for London, Manchester and Bristol.

true 15 July 2022

The United Kingdom labour market is still wide open for job seekers, with almost 1.3 million vacancies across the country. However, the rate at which vacancies open has been declining month after month, which means now may be one of the best times to find a job that suits you. While this is happening, why not become part of the process by working in recruitment? 

Right now, the recruitment industry is booming, and the average trainee recruitment consultant salary is much higher in major cities than in the pre-pandemic market. Keep reading for more information.

What a Recruitment Consultant Does

Recruitment consultants build and manage relationships between companies and possible new recruits. They use media and sales skills to advertise and promote jobs on platforms as well as social media. They also oversee the process from first contact to final placement once a suitable candidate has been identified.

Some of the responsibilities involve thoroughly screening candidates for jobs and, in some ways, being the face of a company as finding candidates requires a lot of networking. Because of this, recruiting needs great people and analytical skills.

Trainee Recruitment Consultants

You have to learn to walk before you can run, so you'll start your career as a trainee recruitment consultant. You'll be working in the recruitment field while also receiving structured guidance from senior consultants. Though training methods vary from company to company, many of our clients offer incredible learning packages to help you excel. This way, you can learn about the industry and start making money rapidly without becoming overwhelmed.

Trainee Recruitment Consultant Salary and Benefits

As a Rec2Rec working across Manchester, London and Bristol, we've seen first-hand how salaries and offerings differ across these major cities. Here's what our team have to say: 

From Rochelle, "In Bristol, you will generally earn between £20,000 and £22,500 for a trainee recruitment starting salary. However, with many Bristol recruitment companies now following London's footsteps and branching out to international markets, there has been a greater demand for global recruiters, particularly those with a second language. This specialist skill will automatically make you more valuable and likely earn you over the usual base salary rate."

From Ellie in Manchester "You could earn as much as £24,00 in Manchester despite the lower cost of living. If you've been debating buying a house at any stage, Manchester's options might also draw you in as they seem far more affordable than in the South." 

Millie says "What we've seen from our London clients is that working as a recruitment consultant here can be a very high-paying career choice. Many of our clients work in international markets, meaning substantial fee payouts. So though the cost of living in London tends to be high, the bigger bonuses and commissions added to a higher starting salary of around £26,000 can mean it's still very worth considering a move here!  

So whichever city takes your fancy, there are plenty of opportunities out there! Of course, competition for these roles is still high, so it's crucial to stand out from the crowd. If you're interested in applying for recruitment consultant jobs in London, ensure your CV is up to date and reflects your ability to work hard and deliver results. With a bit of effort, you could be landing your dream job in no time!

Moreover, this is a career where you can advance quickly. You can earn your first promotion within 6 months to a year. Successful recruitment consultants can end up making over £100,000 after a couple of years in the field.

Lastly, many corporations have embraced partial and full remote office structures in the last few years. A lot of your work as a trainee recruitment consultant can be done from home, and employers often give their trainees that latitude.

Where To Find These Jobs

There are a number of listed trainee recruitment consultant jobs in London, as well as in Bristol and Manchester, on our site at the moment. Applying through Navado Talent can open this fantastic career opportunity for you. 

Make the Right Move Today

If you've got the right graduate degree or are a second jobber or in a sales role, there's no time to waste! Recruitment jobs in Manchester, Bristol, and London will fill quickly. Your trainee recruitment consultant salary can be as high as £40,000 in year one, and you can advance to greater heights at a breakneck pace.

Recruitment consulting is a career where you are rewarded for helping others find their feet in their dream jobs. Apply today through Navado Talent for placement in London, Bristol, or Manchester. You will surely not regret it.

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