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About Navado Talent

The Dedicated Rec2Rec for Bristol, Manchester and London: From Recruitment Hiring to Finding Recruitment Jobs, we've got you covered!

Navado Talent is a dedicated Rec2Rec agency. We initially started with Bristol and Southwest recruitment market and rapidly becoming one of the leading Rec2Recs in Bristol. Our new recruitment divisions have allowed us to expand our services. Thanks to our dedicated regional teams, we can now offer recruitment jobs in Manchester and recruitment consultant positions in London and surrounding areas!

Having spent nearly ten years in the recruitment industry, our Rec2Rec consultants are experts in their field. They have long-standing reputations with some of the best recruitment agencies in the UK and abroad and strong connections with exceptional recruiters, from trainee and graduate-level recruiters to top-end recruitment directors.

For Your Recruitment Hiring Needs:

As a hiring manager or recruitment owner, you'll be pleased to hear that Navado Talent is known for finding the best recruitment candidate the first time around. We won't flood your inbox with poorly matched profiles and will work hard to understand your recruitment opening fully.

We believe Rec2Rec's should work more collaboratively with clients and build long-lasting relationships. With offices in London, Bristol and Manchester city, our R2R services are tailored to each recruitment agency's individual requirements. Whether hiring for multiple recruitment consultant jobs, running assessment days or filling one key niche role, we will adapt to your needs.

For Recruitment Job Seekers:

If you're looking for a career move or a new recruitment job, we'll work closely with you to identify the perfect opportunity for your skills and experience. Our extensive network of clients means we have access to recruitment job opportunities for all levels and abilities across Bristol, Manchester London and beyond.

So whether you're looking for a Bristol-based graduate position, want to be a remote working, director-level recruiter in Manchester, or want to work in recruitment abroad we can help!

We strive to offer all candidates and clients three things; Trust, Quality and Speed. So to find a recruitment career that will challenge and inspire you or create a team of recruiters to take your business to the next level, contact us today!

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    Our Bristol Rec2Rec services led to our success at the beginning of our recruitment journey. Bristol is synonymous with recruitment and growth of both start-up recruitment agencies and FTSE-listed recruitment groups continues. While Bristol is known for its tech sector, the city has a growing engineering recruitment scene, and recruitment consultants are in constant demand. Check out the Bristol recruitment jobs or contact us to discuss our Bristol rec2rec services.

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    The numbers working in the tech sector grew by a staggering 40% in 2019, making London the third-largest tech market in the world, behind only China and the US so it's no surprise London recruitment agencies benefited from this growth. It's not all IT as the capital is home to some of the largest; financial, engineering, education, construction, and healthcare recruitment agencies. Check out the London recruitment jobs or contact us to discuss our London rec2rec services.

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    ​Recruitment consultants are in great demand in Manchester. At the beginning of 2019, Manchester’s tech sector was worth approximately £48m, and by the end, it was worth nearer £200m. Other recruitment markets such as engineering and education are still buoyant, with clients recruiting at all levels as well as new start-ups growing quickly. Check out our recruitment consultant jobs in Manchester or contact us to discuss our Manchester rec2rec services.

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    ​As more recruitment agencies embrace remote working and businesses can start an agency wherever they choose Navado has seen a growing recruitment community in Bath. Whereas in the past recruiters were traveling to Bristol for their recruitment jobs the market is changing with a growing number of finance, IT & digital and engineering recruiters based from the city. Check out the Bath recruitment jobs or contact us to discuss our Bath rec2rec services.an

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    With some of the largest nursing agencies based in Birmingham, it’s no surprise that healthcare is one of the top markets for recruitment jobs in the City. As with the rest of the country though IT dominates the top paying recruitment jobs, and Birmingham has focus on tech growth as one of the government’s ‘flagship’ Institutes of Technology. Recruiters can check out the Birmingham recruitment jobs or contact us to discuss our Birmingham rec2rec services.

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    Rail, engineering, and construction dominate the markets Navado clients recruit in and there are always demand for experienced recruitment consultants. With the Welsh government also doing its best to ensure the manufacturing sector is future-proofed to recover from current challenges Navado don’t doubt that the extensive recruitment market in the city will also bounce back. Check out theCardiff recruitment jobs or contact us to discuss ourCardiff rec2rec services.

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