Changing Recruitment Jobs: Why You Shouldn't Take the First Offer.


Changing Recruitment Jobs: Why You Shouldn't Take the First Offer.

true 15 January 2022

A significant one-in-four workers in the UK are planning on changing jobs; this includes those looking to start a career or change jobs in recruitment. While it's a great time to be job hunting in the recruitment industry, that doesn't mean going for the first position you come across! At Navado Talent we have heard many a story of people jumping too quickly. Find out more about why it's essential not to take the first offer in your path without thinking it through! 

Becoming a Recruiter in 2022

The year 2021 might have been a year of Covid, but it was also a year of business growth for numerous industries. As business booms, so does the need for qualified employees. That need generally means the balance tips into the favour of the recruitment industry too. Increasing demand for recruitment services has led to a massive surge in recruitment job vacancies for both internal and external recruiters. There's never been a better time to consider switching careers or stepping up for better opportunities within the recruitment industry. 

While you'll likely be fielding many offers, we emphasise holding out for recruitment jobs that are the best fit - not just the ones with the best quick sell. 

Finding the Right Recruitment Jobs

Since the job market is full of opportunities, employers are upping their game as far as offers are concerned. It might be tempting to snatch up the first recruitment job that comes your way, but your search should be about more than quickly changing jobs. Your focus should be on finding the recruitment jobs that fit your values, lifestyle, financial needs, and professional aspirations.     

When considering which job offer to accept, look beyond the benefits and salary. While these are important, you want to find a job that you can see yourself in long-term. Jumping around the recruitment market trying various roles won't do your CV any favours and certainly won't help your reputation as a recruitment consultant. Will this job satisfy your professional and personal needs in the long run, or is something missing? 

With such a lucrative market at your feet, playing the waiting game may just pay off. You can ask to delay any final decisions on offers, but equally, do avoid waiting too long if you know the role isn't for you, or else you may burn professional bridges

Using a Rec2Rec to Your Advantage

Instead of facing all the pressure of choosing the best position alone when looking for recruitment jobs, consider getting help from a rec2rec*. 

Working with a rec2rec can help offer insights and access to opportunities that aren't advertised. It gives you the chance to access some of the best jobs on the market that are under the radar. 

A good Rec2Rec can also help you find recruitment jobs that are the best mutual fit. Insider knowledge of recruitment companies from your rec2rec can prevent you from wasting your time on a job that doesn't suit your needs and vice versa.

It's essential to have these insights while you wait for the right offer. Use your rec2rec to your advantage and let them guide you through various options. Remember they have your best interest at heart and want you to take a job where you'll be happy. It's better for their reputation, but importantly, if your rec2rec is anything like the team at Navado Talent, there's enormous job satisfaction from finding someone a job they love!  

It May Be Time to Change Recruitment Jobs

With countless senior-level and entry-level recruitment jobs available, now may be the best time to change recruitment jobs but try to remember to take your time. 

Navado Talent is a Bristol rec2rec that has helped many people find their perfect recruitment career match in Bristol and beyond. Not only will we help with finding your next great opportunity, but we can take the stress out of searching for your new role by managing every step of the process from start to finish - so you don't have to worry about anything! 

Contact us on 0117 284 0041 or Set up your account today for more support as you change recruitment jobs or start your recruitment career.

*As an FYI for those new to the industry, 'Rec2Rec' stands for 'recruitment to recruitment.' 

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