Amazing Tips for Avoiding Office Christmas Treats


Amazing Tips for Avoiding Office Christmas Treats

true 09 December 2021

​Want to avoid eating as many cookies as Santa this holiday season? Well, then you've come to the right place.  

Office parties are the perfect place for festive drinks, Christmas karaoke, and convincing your coworker they definitely didn't put salt in the cookies instead of sugar. But all the food and parties can be a setback in keeping fit. So how do you enjoy yourself without feeling like you overdid it? 

Keep reading to learn how you can stay in shape when faced with seemingly endless holiday treats. 

Eat Before Outings 

If you're going out to a holiday party with clients or coworkers, eat a little something beforehand. Try and make it a nutritious snack so you won't want to eat a ton of heavy party food. 

Pro tip: if your holiday office party is at the end of the workday, bring a snack with you! So when you want to reach for that third chocolate covered oreo, you can pull out your healthy snack instead. 

Drink Water 

Taking clients out for drinks? Congrats, it sounds like you're good at your job! But it can also mean round after round of calorie-rich beverages. 

So instead of going from one glass of champagne to the other, substitute every other round with water. This limits your calorie intake and reduces the chance of a nasty hangover. Reserve that pain for January 1st. 

Pro tip: feel like water won't cut it with the clients? Try having low-calorie alcoholic drinks instead!  

Exercise Regularly 

You don't want to exercise to "earn" food or over-exercise because you think you ate too much. So to simply maintain your fitness, try to stick to your regular exercise routine. 

But if you want a little extra exercise to keep you active, take a walk before or after outings!   

Lose the Leftovers 

If you have a coworker that insists you take home the gingerbread house remains, try and resist. Because let's be real, that could be an incredible midnight snack for weeks to come, but you're also going to be mad at yourself for eating it. 

You should also stock your kitchen with food before you go to the party. It's so much more tempting to take back leftovers when you know there's no food in the fridge at home.  

Get Rid of the Pressure 

The holiday season in the office is supposed to be fun (although getting a secret Santa gift can be stressful)!  

So while you want to limit your treat intake and stay active, don't go crazy. The last thing you want is to deprive yourself of any sweets and end up on the floor at 3 am surrounded by Christmas cookies wondering what happened. 

Stay in Shape For the Holidays 

With these holiday hacks, you can stay in shape without having to pretend you don't see those treats in the office. Now enjoy your parties and have a wonderful holiday season! 

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