The Ultimate Guide for a Recruiters Secret Santa Gift.


The Ultimate Guide for a Recruiters Secret Santa Gift.

true 08 December 2020

It’s that time of year for Buble, mulled wine and secret santa! So you’ve either drawn your secret santa name and are wondering what on earth to get or you’re praying for the easy buy. Don’t fret either way- Navado Talent have you covered! We’ve done the hard work for you (well some of it) and given you this years perfect recruiters secret Santa list.

Up to £5

Gin and Tonic Popcorn

With everything being to do with gin and all things related to gin we couldn’t pass by this gin and tonic popcorn by Joe and Steph’s. At between £3-5 depending on where you buy from you might even be left with a couple of quid for the wrapping paper and a fancy bow.


Personalised Christmas Gift Wrap.

Got those leftover pictures from last year's Christmas party or winners trip away you don’t know what to do with? Use them this Christmas to give the gift of embarrassing or epic wrapping paper. At £5 it hits the festive yet personalised gift nail on the head. Not sure what you’d use the wrap the gift with though?