Want that recruitment consultant career after uni? Here's how to create a CV for it! 


Want that recruitment consultant career after uni? Here's how to create a CV for it! 

true 13 July 2021

After years of hard work, graduation can feel like a triumph and a relief at the same time. It is a culmination of a lifetime of diligent and dedicated work to achieve your goals and ambitions. However, once you have finally succeeded at university, it is time to step into the world of work and try to secure your ideal job.

This can feel a little daunting after being in the cosseted environment of educational institutions for most of your life, so it is essential to know precisely how to sell your skills and knowledge to get the dream job you desire. Of course, this all starts with writing a CV that will impress employers and get you that recruitment consultant career you want! If you still haven't fully decided that the recruitment consultant career route is for you, maybe you want to find out more first from our blog 'Why is recruitment a good career?'.

Personal details

Including your name, email address, and other contact details in a clear and concise way on your CV is essential. Employers need to know exactly who you are and they will not have the time to search for these, so make sure they stand out at the very top of your CV.

History of employment

When you graduate from university, you may or may not have an extensive work history. If you have been employed during your studies, you likely worked in sectors that were unrelated to recruitment. However, if you have had any recruitment experience, ensure that this job history takes pride of place at the top of the employment section.

If you have not worked in recruitment or not worked at all, list some of the transferable skills and life skills that will make you desirable for your job in the recruitment sector. Skills such as excellent interpersonal skills, solid written and verbal communication, and the ability to think laterally and problem solve are desirable skills in the recruitment sector. If you are goal-orientated, ambitious, and excel at negotiating, these abilities will also stand you in good stead.

To not appear over-confident or arrogant, temper some of your skills to show that you possess modesty and a willingness to learn. For example, suppose you talk about your leadership capabilities. In that case, you could mention that you have captained your debate team in university and spearheaded class projects, but you also relish working as part of a team, and you're eager to learn from others.

Qualifications and educational history

As a university graduate, you have the advantage of being highly educated and qualified, and you need to make this stand out to employers. Degrees in business, psychology, and the social sciences are all very desirable to employers in the recruitment industry. Again, you can highlight some of the skills you have learned through your studies, such as working to tight deadlines and being organised enough to handle multiple priorities simultaneously.

Consider the aesthetics

Once you have completed all the necessary information, make your CV look professional and stand out. In general, it is best not to include a photo on your CV. It is also essential to choose a layout, font, and font size that make the CV look visually appealing. Finally, remember to keep your CV concise - no one wants to read reams and reams of text about your job in a bar; job titles and dates are acceptable for the less relevant work history. Keep in mind a maximum of 2-3 pages and keep the most pertinent information at the top of the CV. 

By applying these techniques when writing your CV, you'll stand a good chance of landing an interview for your dream recruitment job. First, however, remember that Navado Talent Rec2Rec is here to help you with CV writing, interview skills, and getting you that perfect recruitment consultant career.

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