Behind the Brand: Meet the Bristol Life Finalists!


Behind the Brand: Meet the Bristol Life Finalists!

true 07 April 2022

Navado Talent Are Finalists for Bristol Life Awards! 🤗

We thought we'd share a few of the key points we are proud of! So whether you're looking to go for an award and need inspiration, or want to find out why so many people choose to use our services, read on! 

  • We might have started in the pandemic during a time of uncertainty but in 2021, Navado Talent grew from a startup of one person (founder Rebecca) to two by April 2021. By the end of 2021, Navado was already advertising for a third hire. That was Maddie. Since then Millie has also joined us and we have branched out into our London office! This has all been a direct result of the increasing demand for Navado Talents services! Thank you to everyone for using us! 

  • An all-women business, at Navado Talent, we hope to inspire more women to join the recruitment industry in what has been and continues to be a male-dominated environment. We aim to celebrate the success of our female candidates and staff regularly. We know that being visible will normalise women in the recruitment industry and positively impact other women considering it a career option. We have aimed to show that women are professional and inspirational from our social presence and in our day to day work lives. 

  • Demand for services doubled from the end of 2020 to the end of 2021, and we haven't stopped there! We continue to sign up more companies, especially since working more closely with the London markets. 

  • As a company, Navado Talent has exceeded expectations regarding the number of placements we expected to make during 2021. We placed more of you into recruitment jobs you love than we thought possible! And in doing so, you've helped make an impressive impact for our wonderful clients to grow their recruitment companies!  

  • Navado's reputation has carried its rec2rec services to other areas of the UK in 2021, including Manchester, Birmingham, Bath and Cardiff and obviously London.  

  • Navado Talent has also been chosen as the exclusive partner to help scale a renowned global recruitment business with their Bristol office. 

  • We might have only been around for the last few years, but even as a relatively small startup competing with the more prominent brands, we are becoming more and more visible on Google searches!

  • Our Google reviews? Well, what can we say? You only need to look at the testimonials on our site or at our Google reviews to see why we're proud of those!!! 

  • In the middle of 2021, due to the growth of the business, We updated the Navado Talent website to include new sectors for Delivery, Trainee and Internal recruitment, extending our remit and improving the site. We also created more blogs around recruitment career advice and living in Bristol job seeker guidance. We've also since added a 'Meet the Team' page to know Navado Talent more intimately!

  • We have founded our branding and values on the importance and provision of trust, quality and speed. Our service has been to listen to our candidate and client needs and help people fully understand what they want from a career and work culture, so we match them correctly to the right roles. Equally, we provide regular guidance to our clients on what they need to do to become more appealing and supportive to their prospective staff. We also offer regular advice in our blog section for more specific topics such as supporting mental health, supporting LBGTQ+ communities at work, and improving office well-being. 

If you've enjoyed finding out about us and now want to use our service contact us today!


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