10 Lucrative Reasons To Join the Trainee Recruitment Consultant Career Fast-Track


10 Lucrative Reasons To Join the Trainee Recruitment Consultant Career Fast-Track

true 13 October 2021

Few careers offer more opportunities, challenges, and excitement than becoming a recruitment consultant. Just about every industry has seen how quickly the COVID-19 pandemic changed the working environment. Although there have already been substantial changes, there are also likely to be more to come. 

To enter this fascinating world, you can become a trainee recruitment consultant while you learn your trade. The potential career paths you can take are varied, and you'll have plenty of time to work out how to best use your skills.

Let's look at 10 of the best reasons to get involved in the recruitment industry.

1. Get Paid to Learn Valuable Skills

When you're starting out, you'll enjoy the benefits of thorough and professional recruitment training that will get the maximum from your skillset. Everyone has different talents, and recruiting requires a wide range of abilities such as empathy, quick-thinking, determination, and sales skills.

Your employer will help you develop these traits, and you'll be earning money at the same time.

2. Earn a Substantial Income

Although you may start on a basic salary, you can also enjoy uncapped commission benefits. As you begin to build your own client list and place more and more candidates in positions, there is no limit to what you can earn. If you excel in your role, you could become a top biller and make huge amounts in commission payments.

3. Generous Employee Benefits

Most recruitment companies take excellent care of their staff. You can look forward to benefits such as holiday pay, pension contributions and private healthcare. Of course, not every business offers the same employee packages. It's always best to ask about the benefits scheme before starting a new job to avoid any issues further down the line.

4. Plan Your Own Schedule

Recruitment consultants work in a fast-moving environment, and this can be a little overwhelming as a trainee. But, as you become more comfortable, you'll find you can set your own schedule. While you'll have a boss, you can enjoy plenty of autonomy which is a great perk if you're used to having a manager oversee your every move in other jobs.

5. Exciting Challenges

While the uncapped commission structure is often one of the first things that attract people to the role, there is much more to being a trainee recruitment consultant. For example, companies are relying on you to fill their vacancies so they can meet their goals.

If you can't meet their needs, they could find it difficult to perform their tasks and move to a competitor. But, when you rise to the occasion and exceed a company's expectations, you can become their go-to recruiter. This can also help build your reputation in the marketplace. 

6. Trainee Recruitment Consultant Progression

Starting as a trainee does not stop you from quickly making your way up the career ladder. If you work hard and can match the right candidate with the right client, your career progression could be rapid and lucrative. The more businesses you can add to your client list, the more chance you have of getting ahead of your rivals and becoming an invaluable asset to your employer.

7. Develop Lasting Business Relationships

When you communicate with people in other companies each day, it is natural that you begin to form business relationships that could be useful to both parties. This is a great way to network and receive referrals from people who recommend your services. These relationships could be in place for many years, helping your career as you rise through your company ranks.

8. Learn from Experienced Colleagues

One of the best aspects of trainee recruitment consultant jobs is the chance to tap into the knowledge of more experienced colleagues. People who have been in the industry for many years can pass on helpful tips that could boost your earnings.

They can also guide you through the more challenging aspects of the job, helping you to avoid making the same mistakes they did when they were in your position. These colleagues can also be a source of support as you take on more clients. If you are ever in any doubt about what to do, you can ask for their advice.

9. Help Job Seekers 

You can enjoy a feeling of satisfaction when you finish a day of recruitment consultant work if you've helped someone find their dream job. This can be a powerful motivator, and your customer service, polite manner, and professionalism can make the job hunting experience a pleasure for candidates.

When you make a good impression and place a candidate in a role, they can even be grateful enough to refer more work to you if they get the opportunity.

10. Stay at the Cutting Edge

A recruitment agency must stay at the cutting edge of industry changes. As a trainee recruitment consultant, you can get creative and use every available tool to find out what trends are happening next. For example, there areso many social media users that this is a medium you can't afford to ignore, and you may find valuable information. 

You can also study advancements in other countries, as perhaps those changes will happen here too. This is another reason there is never a dull day in a recruitment consultancy office. 

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