6 key ways to support the LBGTQ+ community within your recruitment workplace


6 key ways to support the LBGTQ+ community within your recruitment workplace

true 16 June 2021

Although June is the month of LGBTQ+ Pride, it's essential to cultivate an open, accepting, and positive environment every day of the year. Sexuality is a vital aspect of an individual's life at all times. Maintaining a workspace in which everyone feels welcome regardless of orientation or identity should be at the top of a business's priorities. Not sure what to do to keep your employees safe and happy? We have listed six crucial steps to take in supporting the LGBTQ+ community in the recruitment workplace.

1. Define an explicit mission statement (and stick to it)

No matter what industry or market your recruitment company operates in, there must be a clear internal agenda of acceptance and equality. If policies are not already in place, then your top priority must be to establish a strict set of guidelines to combat discrimination and homophobia. Communicate with your LGBTQ+ staff and meet their needs, not the needs you think they have. Catalyst reports that 91% of businesses have anti-homophobic policies, but this drops to 83% for gender identity, so ensure you have covered everyone.

2. Enforce and educate

If a colleague has made a homophobic remark, it is important for them to understand why it may have caused harm to ensure it is not repeated. However, an LGBTQ+ individual may feel angry if the disciplinary action is not strong enough. Ensure you tailor your policies and procedures to enforce the rules and provide education; otherwise, they may spark conflict between employees.

3. Adapt your Hiring Process

If your business has anti-discriminatory policies, unconscious bias is a significant danger that can cause prejudicial practices.

There are several ways of changing this. Advertising your company at LGBTQ+ hiring events is an excellent way of bringing diversity to your workforce. We also advise unconscious bias training for your recruitment department to ensure every candidate has a fair and unfiltered chance of success.

4. Lead from the Top

As the manager of a workplace, your employees should be able to look to you as an example of how to behave. Educating yourself on LGBTQ+ issues is an absolute must, as this allows you to approach any issues with the correct mindset. When employees see a superior committing to a type of behaviour, they are far more likely to follow suit.

5. Update your Benefits Packages

Think about your current company benefits, prizes and deal bonuses. Many businesses do not offer equal levels of familial benefits for non-heterosexual or domestic couples, thus actively dissuading individuals from joining your company. So, think about what you currently provide and work in new company benefits to suit all if your current ones are out of touch. 

6. Establish Support Programmes (ERGs)

An ERG (employee resource group) can go a long way in promoting a positive environment in your workplace. Creating a direct link between the LGBTQ+ community and upper management provides both practical and emotional support. The communication means that, together, the company can tailor policies and procedures that fit the actual needs of those working for the company, while having a group of colleagues working together for equality will do wonders for the morale of your LGBTQ+ staff.

By implementing these six tips and strategies, you can help create a fairer, more equal and supportive workplace for all your employees. And if you need help with recruiting a more diverse workforce you can always speak to us for further advice and support!

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