7 Simple ways to create workplace wellbeing initiatives on a tight budget.


7 Simple ways to create workplace wellbeing initiatives on a tight budget.

true 14 May 2021

The workplace environment has changed dramatically due to the pandemic, and the subject of mental health and overall wellness has come sharply into focus. As a result, graduates, trainees, and existing recruiters all appreciate the value of workplace wellbeing initiatives. 
Arguably, there is a greater awareness of the importance of mental health and wellbeing among millennials and younger employees. So, have you made sure your company offers enough to engage the new generation of younger recruitment consultants? 
If you haven't and workplace wellbeing initiatives haven't been on your radar, now is the time to change. Suppose your business can help empower employees to enjoy a better work and life balance; it could provide ample rewards in increased productivity and a more loyal and engaged workforce.
Workplace wellbeing initiatives don't have to cost a fortune. Here are some ideas to help your business create a holistic workplace aimed at boosting employee wellbeing.

1) Health and wellbeing monitoring

The most inexpensive option here would be to pay for and promote an app to track fitness and health within your workforce. Then, gain engagement and a sense of team building by using the app as a way for team members to connect and share their progress. 

Recruiters tend to share a common attribute in valuing their holiday and spare time away from work and do not always put their health first when out of the office. Make up for this by organising and offering on-site screening and health checks during work hours. There are plenty of private companies that provide on-site health MOTs - a quick google will find you one that suits your companies needs. 

2) Address mental health awareness

Poor mental health is a heavy burden on productivity and attendance figures, costing employers billions each year*. A low-cost solution to improve workplace mental health is to engage enthusiastic employees as mental health champions or mentors. Ensuring everyone is aware that your company takes mental health issues seriously is not only hugely attractive to prospective starters but may just help that person struggling that you weren't aware of. In addition, much like with health monitoring, there are plenty of apps and programs for improving and supporting good mental health.

3) Gym membership discounts

Paying for full gym memberships would be costly to your business, but negotiating a discount or paying for some workout classes would be a cheaper and effective alternative. Encouraging employees to participate in physical exercise would help maintain their physical fitness as well as mental wellbeing. However, you need to remember that in addition to this, people need the time to attend! This leads us nicely to the point below! 

4) Flexible working hours

Giving your employees a bit more freedom to choose their working hours is an absolute no-brainer. It delivers an immediate wellbeing benefit and won't require any investment to implement.
It is also a given that offering a flexible work environment will help attract new talent and positively impact employees' mental health.

5) Providing a chill-out zone

Most workplace environments can feel a bit stressful at times. Aim to create a space in the workplace where employees can get away from their desk or workstation and de-stress for a few minutes. Depending on your current office size this shouldn't take too much investment, but the ROI in terms of wellness could be well worth it.

6) Promote healthy eating

Another inexpensive workplace wellbeing initiative would be to promote healthy eating by subsidising or offering snacks and drinks that deliver nutritional benefits. For example, fruit baskets, water coolers, fruit juices, or healthy snack boxes are all better options than the usual round of doughnuts. You'll probably see the impact on your employee performance in no time, too, especially when thinking about the slow Friday afternoons.

7) The magic of plants

Plants are renowned for their ability to purify the air around them and even eliminate toxins. In addition, they are a low-cost way to boost our mood and energy levels because their natural qualities tend to make us feel a bit calmer and less stressed.

Adding some plants to the workspace will brighten your workplace and deliver impressive mental health benefits for a small financial outlay.

Put these simple ideas into action, and you won't need a big budget to see positive returns for employee health and wellbeing. Let us know at Navado Talent, your Bristol rec2rec, what workplace wellbeing initiatives you offer in your recruitment company today and we can ensure your efforts mean you find the best talent to grow your business!


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