Top 9 tips on how to write a great job advert.


Top 9 tips on how to write a great job advert.

true 31 March 2021

Whether your role in recruitment is 360 or delivery or internal talent, the chances are that you need to understand how to write great job adverts to attract candidates. But what things should you consider when trying to get your advert to stand out from the crowd yet attract relevant talent?


 1) Know your audience

 Before you start writing, know who you're trying to engage. Is the person a junior, mid-weight, or senior candidate? Tailor your tone of voice and use of language to appeal to your intended audience. 

2) Include searchable keywords in the title

Remember as well as attention-grabbing; your title needs to be one that people are searching for too. A keyword search will help with that. There are plenty of free keyword checking platforms out there; you usually need to register for a set amount of free searches – so choose wisely when searching your keyword options.  

 3) Include the job's essential details and benefits

 While this point may seem obvious, it's a key priority. Make sure to give candidates the information they want and need to help decide whether to apply. Location, salary, and job title are all essential. 

Candidates aren't just interested in the job role and responsibilities; they're looking for the benefits they'll receive if they work for this company. Sell the lifestyle of the company. Is it remote or flexible? Does it give the candidate complete autonomy over their workload? What does the company offer that will change the person's life and not just their job?

4) Don't give too much away

Having said the above, as recruiters, you need to be extremely careful in what you chose to share within your ad. The obvious is not to mention the client's names or postcode but also to be careful not to be too specific in descriptions. If your clients' location is in a remote area and is, say, a 'niche edutech startup with a team of 5 in brand new offices,' we're pretty sure your competitors won't need a degree in forensic science to work how to steal your job.

5) Keep your funnel broad

It may seem a more straightforward concept to include all the details of your job ad's role and requirements. Still, it's better not to overwhelm potential applicants and keep this section as clear and concise as possible. It becomes even more relevant when considering issues around roles that have gender disparity. With women tending to only apply to jobs where they meet 100% of requirements vs. men who look to meet only 60%, it's very easy to see how that funnel becomes a straw unintentionally at an early stage.   

6) Use of an engaging opening sentence

You can do this in different ways, but a simple and effective tactic is to start the advert by asking a question. For example, 'Are you looking for your next big role in marketing?', 'Are you a talented engineer looking to work with a company that values your skills?' Using these types of questions will narrow down more suitable candidates and hopefully draw them to read on.  


7) Appeal to the candidate's ego. 

Candidates looking out for a job most likely want to find a place to showcase their knowledge and expertise and are not looking to be on the sidelines in a new company. Tailoring your adverts to stroke your candidate's ego helps make them feel that their skills will be hugely valued and rewarded in a role using sales language in your adverts.

8) Consider your formatting.

These are all simple points to think about but essential. You want your advert to be visually appealing to improve engagement. Be sure to use a readable font style and size. Use bullet points to space your copy, which is much easier and quicker to read, and keep your language simple- most industries have terms and acronyms specific to their job roles but try to avoid using these. 

9) Let candidates know how to apply.

Simple yet sometimes missed – make sure to let potential candidates know how to apply for the role and make the process as easy as possible. It's all very well to understand how to write a great job advert but unless you tell your reader how to apply, it will have all been a waste!

Consider the type of person that might apply for the position you are recruiting. For example, if it's a sales role, your candidates aren't (or at least shouldn't be) afraid to call you directly. Conversely, someone applying for a remote data input job maybe quite introverted and more inclined to email or apply via a website.  

Supplement a simple call to action with words such as quickly and today, encouraging readers to act upon the job post straight away.


When thinking about how to write a great job advert you will need to consider all of the above points. Remember to tailor each advert accordingly and don't copy and paste old adverts unless you plan to change them dramatically! 

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