Recruitment Employer Checklist for a Mentally Healthy Workplace


Recruitment Employer Checklist for a Mentally Healthy Workplace

true 04 January 2021

Navado Talent has created an easy to use infographic checklist for recruitment companies to ensure they have the groundings for a mentally healthy workplace. This checklist has been created using information from the Mental Health Organisation. For more detailed information you can visit the charity's website here for a huge range of additional useful resources and advice.

Recruitment Employer Checklist for a Mentally Healthy Workplace Summary From the Above Infographic.

Value mental health and wellbeing in the workplace:

  • Make tools for wellbeing and mindfulness accessible.

  • Have a designated mental health champion.

  • Use regular staff surveys to monitor mental health and adapt working practices to support the findings.

Support compassionate management:

  • Provide opportunities for relevant training for managers.

  • Provide support for staff managing those with mental health problems.

  • Recognise that those who have experienced mental health problems are an asset to the business in understanding mental health.

Address discrimination:

  • Ensure discrimination based on mental health is as unacceptable as any other form of discrimination within the workplace.

  • Encourage reporting of discriminatory behaviour.

Value the diversity and transferable skills mental health problems can bring:

  • Include mental health in inclusion strategies.

  • Encourage people to disclose by creating a culture that is open and accepting.

  • Set up peer support groups.

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