The recruitment industries affected and least affected by COVID-19


The recruitment industries affected and least affected by COVID-19

true 07 October 2020

​While some recruitment agencies have remained largely unaffected others are continuing to struggle. The Global pandemic dealt a severe blow to many companies; stimulating an economic crisis set to ripple on for years yet, there are industries not (or less) affected by COVID-19’s repercussions.

In fact, some were boosted by 2020’s challenges so who are the winners and losers?

Healthcare and life science recruiters

There has been an upsurge in money spent healthcare products –including massive Government and company investment – to meet the demand for vaccines, therapeutics, PPE, basic face masks and such items as ventilation equipment. However, all health and medical-related companies have been looking for ways to maximise on renewed interest from consumers resulting in new opportunities.

Media, Digital and IT recruiters

Industries least affected by COVID restrictions in a negative manner include IT and media companies. The public turned to their devices for solace to replace social interaction. They have also been increasingly working remotely and engaging in home education, leading to a massive boost for technology companies including any streaming media directly into homes.

Retail and e-commerce recruiters

Here you get a mixed picture of industries affected by the COVID crisis. Bricks and mortar shops – including many high street brands – were crippled by lockdown and sometimes unable to survive. Whereas eCommerce ventures – and some clicks and bricks companies – rode the storm and grew! Fulfilment companies and the delivery arms of major supermarket chains have bludgeoned.

Travel and tourism recruiters

One of the industries most affected by COVID restrictions is, of course, the travel sector. It’s unlikely that airlines, cruise companies, leading resorts and tourist attractions will see anything like their previous customer levels in the foreseeable future. Even the magical world of Disney faced a brutal reality check and laid off 28,000 of its workforce in September 2020.

Transport engineering, aerospace, and oil and gas recruiters

Perhaps not so widely appreciated when reviewing industries most affected by COVID-19, is the severe knock-on effect within connected sectors. For instance, aerospace and defence companies faced significant shrinkage in demand, not just due to airlines struggling but also as Governments are tightening budgets to cope with the pandemic. Automotive and parts companies have also seen a serious drop in custom worldwide, and oil and gas drilling industries have been deeply affected by shifted global economics.

Hospitality recruiters

This industry has been hugely affected worldwide, and there has been feast and famine for the UK’s hospitality sector. The lockdown was a financial nightmare. Then came a boom time fueled by both the Government-funded ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ scheme and a British public ready to party hard as an antidote to the tough times of 2020. However, rising infection rates then put restaurants and pubs under new restraints with a 10 pm closing time and widespread condemnation for their role in spreading the virus!

Arts, entertainments and events recruiters

In many countries including the UK, galleries, museums and tourist attractions were permitted to reopen with strict measures in place, but it’s still one of the industries most affected by COVID-19. Concert halls, theatres, conference centres and even outdoor events such as festivals, displays and Christmas markets were deemed too big a risk. Leaving many organisations facing a bleak future.

The pandemic survivors

Confining the majority of the population to their homes to manage Coronavirus spread has undoubtedly shaped the economic landscape. It has increased the importance of industries that can supply services and products directly to consumers, or which tackle health. Meanwhile, industries that rely on people being able to move around freely, are likely to be negatively affected for some time.

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